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Welcome to the new mech2000 website.

Why do we have a new site?

The old one had outdated info and links. It was plagued by in-page and pop-up ads. We were doing a lot of things ourselves for which excellent tools are now available. The new site is developed to be more of a launch pad directing you to different resources.

Following are the changes made
1) Contact information of fellow members is maintained through orkut - a social networking site. This system makes sure that your contact info is not listed publicly on the Internet avoiding possible spam in your email account. Once you sign-up, you can control how and to whom your contact info is displayed. You get to maintain you own profile with your interests and hobbies. The orkut network is pretty vast, maybe you will find some friends with whom you have lost touch. Also, since everyone maintain their own info, there is a greater chance that it is up-to-date.

2) Photos are organized through flickr - a photo management site. We have a group to which you can add your own pictures once you become a member. You can also leave comments for the pictures posted by other members. As of today (Dec 5, 2006) there are 260 photos taken in CEG, Bangalore, Kerala and some of our friends weddings. We have made this a private group so that only members can view the pictures.

Apart from these, we have carried over the date of birth listing from our previous site. There is also a link that will help you add yourself to mech2000 yahoogroups mailing list.

To get started click on a link above. Please take time to leave some comments/feedback.